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In an increasingly connected world, the issue of identity is more important than ever. Creating identities and managing access within enterprise systems has evolved over the past few decades making personas an essential part of securing information. Managing access has become increasingly complex as business has opened up system access to include remote workers, suppliers, partners and third-party contractors. Too often, however, identity management has been seen as a barrier to access and a hindrance rather than as the vital business enabler it is.

Taken at its most basic level, managing identity well improves business and operation efficiencies, while ensuring the integrity and privacy of information. Managing identities and access enables you to turn policy into practice by granting the right access to the right individual at the right time.

At Link2Link, we specialize in helping our clients tackle big challenges to achieve their security goals. Whether you are seeking to improve your identity lifecycle management, deploy access management to meet compliance goals, deploy single sign-on technologies throughout your enterprise or address security improvements through better password management, we can help. We can also assist with access across multiple devices and in the cloud. Through thousands of engagements, we’ve helped address these needs for clients large and small. Allow us to steer you down the right path to better identity management.



55 %

Percentage of internal data breaches caused by privilege abuse – where internal actors misuse their level of granted access*

42 %

Percentage of users not confident their organization has enterprise-wide visibility to determine if privileged users are compliant with policies**

74 %

Percentage of organizations that believe implementing identity and access management is too difficult**





*Source: Verizon
**Source: Ponemon Institute






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