IT in Mergers and Acquisitions

Managing Opportunity in the Face of Change

Managing information security is challenging enough. Managing through change, by virtue of a merger or acquisition, can be exceedingly difficult. Combining systems often open up new vulnerabilities and pathways to attack just when adversaries know that you are vulnerable. In addition, a poorly conceived or executed data security or IAM strategy can hamper productivity at this critical time.

Link2Link can assist with managing your security needs during your time of change. Our proven approach can help manage IT considerations and information security challenges across multiple environments to link data management, information resources and security considerations. We not only assist with the integration of IT systems and technology, but our strategic advising team can help plan your security strategy through the integration and beyond.

  • Largest holistic pure-play security solutions provider
  • Battle-tested know-how provided by former CISOs and executives that have “been there, done that”
  • Expertise in deployment and integration across every major security technology in the market today, and insight into emerging solutions


Our security experts can examine your environment, assess your current systems and map steps to maintain security throughout your environment.


Our risk professionals can help you identify gaps and target remediation plans to help you move quickly to ensure continuity and project success.


Our security professionals can accelerate your efforts and help manage your strategic security planning so you can operate with a high degree of success.

Our Services


Security Strategy Planning and Assessments

Link2Link has a seasoned group of former executives, CISOs, advisors and consultants to help you plan for transition and create opportunity from change.

  • Security Strategy Planning and Assessmentss
Enterprise Architecture Planning

Our enterprise planning group will assess the systems of both organizations and chart a course to get the most return from technology you already own.

  • \Enterprise Architecture Planning
Risk Assessments Gap Analysis Security Systems Planning

We can evaluate your current efforts, map a course to maintain control as you consolidate systems, and identify processes and technologies to keep your environment safe and secure.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Gap Analysis
  • Security Systems Planning
Identity and Access Management Our group of IAM professionals has helped thousands of clients maintain access to information and business continuity during times of transition.
  • Identity and Access Management

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