Requirements, Analysis and Design

Setting the Right Foundation for Your IAM Initiative

Managing access and identity in your organization can be all consuming. When done correctly, IAM ensures the right access, at the right time, by the right person. When done incorrectly, the productivity of your entire organization can suffer. Leading organizations take their IAM programs even further, transforming access requirements into an information advantage.

Our IAM requirements, analysis and design services can help your IAM effort get off on the right foot. We help organizations of all sizes leverage their IAM effort into ways to greatly improve business operations and end-user experiences. 

  • Accurately identify and assess your identity and access needs
  • Obtain early wins as you build momentum
  • Develop actionable plans and roadmaps
  • Reduce risk and demonstrate compliance


Link2Link can assist you with understanding your current needs, as well as shortfalls of your existing effort.


Our IAM team can help your organization define your needs and set a path towards success.


With an understanding of your requirements, we can help you set a course of action.

Our Services


IAM Workshop

We can conduct a wide-ranging, two-day working session providing an overview of IAM, trends and vendors while assessing current state and providing IAM recommendations and next steps.

  • IAM Workshop
IAM Discovery

We will provide an analysis of the current state of your identity management program, identify needs, roles, personas and existing technologies to understand project benchmarks, key goals and requirements.

  • IAM Discovery
  • IAM Assessment

The compliance identity management readiness (CIMR) service provides a blue print for organizational needs as well as a framework for IAM considerations - defined through our proven approach and methodology.

  • IAM Role CIMR
  • IAM Data CIMR

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