Compromise Assessment

Leaders in Incident Response and Investigations Since 2002

The Link2Link Technology has performed hundreds of incident response assessments and investigations for organizations of all types and sizes across every industry. Our security and malware experts will examine your systems to determine if a compromise has occurred. With an understanding of regulations and data disclosure requirements, we can help you comply with the law and limit your organizational and reputational risk.

We assess what occurred, determine the areas of compromise and provide details of the event. We can also remove malware from your environment and advise on next steps.

  • Examination of your systems for indicators of compromise
  • Inspection of your access points, vulnerabilities and data stores
  • Analysis informed by a vast proprietary knowledge store of malicious code, signatures and attacks
  • Knowledgeable experts at your side


Our advisors will examine your systems for indicators of compromise and inform you of the scope of activity.


Link2Link’s knowledgeable experts will advise you of any steps needed to address your exposure, damage and potential liability.


Our malware and persistent attack experts will collect evidence, determine a timeline and activity pattern as well as remove malware and offending code.

Our Services


Incident Discovery Examination of your IT infrastructure for signs of an active breach or malicious tools that may compromise your systems. This examination includes manual discovery methods and automated best-of-breed discovery tools.
  • Incident Discovery
Malware Remediation

Link2Link can design your malware detection system and build a custom malware program to fit your security needs. We can also train your security team on current best practices for responding to incidents.

  • Malware Remediation

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